After opening up my blog earlier this year to local bloggers and seeing how successful that was, I have decided to put my idea that I’ve been manifesting for quite some time, in to play. I present to you the, experimental, 2017 Creator’s Lab.

“The Lab” Will run from 1/09/2017 – 24/12/2017, and then cycle two will come in to fruition. The Lab enables artists of many mediums to create works of art and submit them via the vault below. The Lab will explore the art and artists. Each artist can submit featured images (post headers), Page headers, in-post doodles and etc. If your medium is not artistry in the imagery sense, Creator’s can submit posts of any genre / kind below. After consideration the post will be paired with creator artworks and posted on the blog.
If your post is selected to be featured, an account (created by admin) will be made with your name, which then you’ll need to supply us with a selfie / psuedo aesthetic image. Examples of name placement can be seen on the blog page.

All artwork / GIFs / etc will be fully credited on the image/post/page. Once cycle one is complete all contributors will be honored on 🙂 SO, All you need to do is get in touch with the admin below and follow prompts to sign up. GOOD LUCK X